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Cyprus Art Honorary President
Conductor Gürer Aykal

Gürer Aykal’s musical career began at Ankara State Conservatory where he graduated from the Violin Department in 1963 and from Composition in 1969.  During this year, he received a state scholarship and attended The Guildhall Music School in London.  He then graduated from advance conducting departments in The Guildhall Music School and The Royal Music Academy with distinction. Following this he then received the “conductor degree” in Academia Chigiana, Italy.  After retiring from the Presidential Symphony Orchestra as permanent conductor he worked as a general director in the State Ballet and Orchestra. 

Gürer Aykal performed in many concerts with renowned orchestras throughout Europe and through his international appearences and success, he achieved the ranking of “State Artist”.  He successfully conducted many internationally celebrated orchestras such as Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Presidential Symphony Orchestra Turkey and El Paso Symphony Orchestra Texsas. 

Gürer Aykal worked as a general music director and conductor in the USA for 16 years and became permanent conductor and general music director of El Paso Symphony Orchestra Texas between 1991 and 2003 where he attained the rank of “Professor Emeritus” .

Gurer Aykal established The Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra in 1999 where he had been the permanent conductor and general music director until September of 2008.  

Since 2006, Gürer Aykal has been the ‘Honorary Conductor’ and ‘Honorary President’  of Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School.  



Founder of Cyprus Art and Honorary General Manager 
Turgay Hilmi 

After graduating from Ankara State Conservatory in 1979, Turgay Hilmi continued his education in Nürnberg and Stuttgart.  He performed in Nürnberg State Opera Orchestra between 1981-1986. Since 1986 he has been working as lecturer in Freidrich Alexander University, Faculty of Education.

He worked with many renowned orchestras such as Coburg Opera, Jena Philharmony, Vogtland Philharmony, Thuringen Opernhaus, Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra, Köln Radio Symphony Orchestra, Nuremberg Symphny Orchestra and Nuremberg State Opera and Ballet Orchestra. He was a member of Kaiserburg, Augsburg and Cornetto Brass Quintetts. 

Turgay Hilmi has performed in many festivals throughout Germany, France, England, Poland, Italy, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Luxemburg, Spain and Kuwait, he also performed with Presidential Symphony Orchestra, Çukurova State Symphony, Bursa State Symphony and Borusan İstanbul Philharmonic Orchestra of Turkey as a soloist. 

Turgay Hilmi is the Honorary Representative for cultural affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in Germany. He is also the general manager of Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School, and handels the international contacts of the School. 



Founder of Cyprus Art and Director
Gözlem Özdeğirmenci 

Upon graduating from Ankara State Conservatory in Hacettepe University, Gözlem Özdeğirmenci performed as a violinist in Hacettepe University Academic Symphony Orchestra as group leader. She played with different orchestras as a guest artist in Turkey, Cyprus, Belgium, Holland,Luxemburg, Greece, Germany and participated international workshops.

Gözlem Özdeğirmenci is teaching violin and piano and is the director of Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School.



Evgin Gülten

In 1996 he completed Traditional Teaching of Syriac Language and Literature at St. Gabriel in Turkey. Then attended a training program; Teaching Overseas Students at South East Essex College in UK. Later, he studied International Relations and then completed his MA in English Language Teaching.

He worked in different posts at different organizations in Turkey; as general secretary of a private charity, worked for a multi-language literature magazine translating articles and news and a short internship period at the EU Commission to Turkey in Ankara. He translated a number of books and information booklets from Turkish to English, English to Turkish and either into Syriac.

From 2004 until 2011 he worked at GAU Foundation School. He became the general coordinator of the department in 2008. In 2010 he joined a special training on How to be a Teacher Trainer and he completed Teaching English e-moderator online course with British Council. From 2011 until 2012 August he worked at C-QUALS as an English Language teacher and coordinator.

Currently he is working at Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School as a coordinator.



Yaprak Girgin

Yaprak Girgin graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory’s Piano Department. She has taken part in many international events and also represented the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus abroad. 

Yaprak Girgin is trainer for piano and solfegé and accompanist for Vocal Training and Youth Chorus Departments.



Nadya Kameneva

After completing the graduate studies of Beishenalieva Kyrgyz National Conservatory with a high honours degree in 2002, she became a teacher and a specialist in chamber music. Thereafter, throughout 14 years of her life as a teacher, she was acknowledged as an expert. She received certificates of appreciation and achievement from Bishkek Mayoralty and Ministry of Culture.

In 2003, she performed a concert under the baton of Prof. A.D. Djumahmatova, in National Philharmonic Orchestra as a soloist.

She performed as a pianist and soloist in 2005, and worked for Children’s Music School with Winer M.E., honoured artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, the same year.

In 2006, she performed in the Premiere Concert of Government Competition in National Philharmonic and received the Diploma of First International Blagovest Festival. For her performances in state competitions as a soloist, she has received several certificates of honour and certificates of appreciation.

At present, she is a piano teacher in Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School.



Gonca Hojanpesova

In 1997 she graduated from the Turkmen National Conservatory post graduate department and received her proficiency on piano teaching and chamber music.

Different steps of her teaching career are; 2000-2005 E. Hummayev Music Lyceum, 2005-2007 the Turkmen State Cultural Institute and 2007-2012 State Middle Education Private Music School.

She has also appeared on many television music programs and played in various national and international concerts.

In 2014 she joined Cyprus Art Music & Ballet School as a piano teacher.




İmge Ertalu

Imge Ertalu graduated from the Arte Music Academy in 2009, and then worked as a violin teacher at Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School for three years. During her university studies she continued working with Wolfgang Schroeder for a period of four years, during which she took part in many concerts, as well as in the Bi-Communal Orchestra.  In 2007 she won a scholarship for the Apple Hill Music Camp which she subsequently attended.  In 2009 she took part in the concert organised by Turgay Hilmi which featured Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.

Since 2012, Imge has been working in a voluntary capacity with the Umut Orchestra, Group Umut, and Umut Education and Cultural Centre all of which are linked to the charity 'Tulips' /Helping those with Cancer.

Currently, she is working at Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School as a violin teacher.



Ballet and Dance Trainer
Ceren Sökmen

After  graduating  from  Ankara State Conservatory with degree, she performed in Ankara State Opera and Ballet as a guest artist for 7 years. She worked with international and Turkish trainers as Irek Muhammedov, Robert North, Young Soon Hue-Simon, Yannik Bquin, Sait Sökmen, Zeynep Odabaşı and Mehmet Balkan. She performed regularly at Aspendos International Ballet Festival and Marmaris Ballet Festival. She danced in more than 200  ballets, operas, operettes and children’s musicals as;

La Bayadere, Idiot, Don Quichotte, Nut Cracker, Anna Karenina, Swan Lake, Çalıkuşu, Harem, Ein Sommernachts Traum, Carmen, Bale Tango, Giselle, Carmina Burana, Sync, This is Your Life, Aida, Abduction from Seraglio, 4. Murat, Nabucco, Eugene Onegin, Blue Point, Merry Widow, Poemé de la Extase, Puss in Boots.

Currently she is working as the ballet and dance trainer of  Cyprus Art.


Ballet and Dance Trainer
Evgeniia Zhilskaia

Evgeniia was born in Moscow, Russia. She studied ballet and dance at Lepeshinskaya Ballet School. Later she graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, specializing as a ballet teacher and choreographer. At the same time she danced at the “Chamber Ballet Moscow".

Evgeniia worked abroad in various ballet and dance schools and some fitness centers teaching classes such as; ballet, modern dance and Zumba. During this time she also continued taking master classes on dance and fitness. She also taught at the Children's Vocal Collective Smile in Moscow. During her career she took part in numerous ballet and musical shows.

Currently she is working as ballet and dance teacher at Cyprus Art Music & Ballet School.



Painting & Sculpture Tutor
Mesut Doğan

After graduating from the Painting & Job Training Department at Gazi University in Ankara, he went to England and took part in various activities and organizations in the areas of painting and music for a period of 3 years. When he returned to Cyprus he worked on a project about the presentation of the Cypriot figures, motifs and specific paintings and themes which belong to the Cypriot historical artifacts. Besides preparing music for documentaries and adverts, he also directed and worked on the montage of numerous television programmes, produced and personally presented some radio programmes. Additionally, as a percussionist he took stage with many local and international artists.

Currently he is working at Cyprus Art Music and Ballet School as Painting & Sculpture Tutor.



Online Violin and Piano
İzlem Özdeğirmenci

At the age of 6, she started taking piano lessons. She maintained her professional music education at H.U Ankara State Conservatory Department of Strings, studying violin with Prof. Cengiz Ozkok, the concertmaster of Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey. Throughout her education, she has taken part in many concert tours in Europe including Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and so on.

In addition to her violin education in conservatory, she extended her academic interest, and studied musicology/ethnomusicology at the same conservatory. After her graduation, she moved to the US. She has received her M.A. degree from the Department of Etnomusicology and Folklore at Indiana University, Bloomington.

She also attended Suzuki Teacher Training Workshops, instructed by Christophe Bossuat, and received her Suzuki Violin Teacher Certificate from the European Suzuki Association. She has been living in the United States since 2014.

She has been offering online support lessons to our school’s violin and piano students since 2015.


Graphic Designer
Alhan Tayanç

He started his long and unending journey in the deepest depths of the world of imagination when his first cartoon drawing was published in a magazine called FIRT in 1977.

 His career in the world of advertising began thirty five years ago when art work was done with a paint brush. Now he has adapted to the latest technologies of the field and is working with greater passion and enthusiasm. “Seeing that the brands, designs and logos I created are alive, gives me the greatest joy on earth” he says. He is only 56 years old, but with his endless energy and spirit he continues to draw, design and paint with the excitement of a beginner"

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