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Established by Gözlem Özdeğirmenci and Turgay Hilmi in 2005, Cyprus Art has created a new era in the cultural and artistic life of our country.  Conductor Gürer Aykal, the State Artist of the Republic of Turkey is the honorary president of our school which provides instruction in music, ballet and dance.

The school has a global vision and aim to enable its students to perform to international standards in a short time with a practical system which is far beyond the traditional art training in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.  

With approximately 20 trainers and administrative staff, Cyprus Art has become the largest art enterprise of Cyprus, training students to international standards and participating in many national and international festivals and concerts.

Music Department: Pre-school music education, Piano, Violin, Guitar, E-Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba, Vocal Training, Solfegé and Childrens' and Youth Chorus.

Ballet & Dance Department: Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Hip-Hop, Belly Dancing and Pilates.

In our Painting Department: we have pastel, water mark and charcoal drawing. In our Sculpture Department students work with plasticise, clay and composite. In our Handicraft Department students learn about 3D creative handicraft, clip art (collage) and model making.

Our establishment continues to provide instruction in three major cities, Kyrenia, Nicosia and Lapta.

With this vision, Cyprus Art continuously thrives to provide and strengthen the connection between children and art.              
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Gözlem Özdeğirmenci
Kurucu ve Genel Müdür
Doç.Turgay Hilmi
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